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WWE Raw: Recap, Reaction, Results (March 5, 2018)

By: Jamie Henry

Last night’s (March 5th) WWE Raw from the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, kicks off with Kurt Angle calling out Triple H for sucker-punching him in the ring last week, and demands he “face him like a man”. However, his wife, Stephanie McMahon comes out instead as she brings up Angle’s family and his alimony payments, as boos rain down on her. Ronda Rousey comes out and demands a match with Stephanie at Wrestlemania 34, but not before Triple H shuts that idea down. Angle says that Rousey will face McMahon, and Angle will face Triple H at Wrestlemania 34 as well. Angle and Triple H begin throwing blows as McMahon and Rousey getting their own blows in. Angle and Rousey stand tall in the end after trading blows with the power couple.

Color me bored for this match. Maybe it’s because Rousey is taking chances away from the woman the company has ignored for so long. Maybe it’s for something else, who knows. All I know is I once again am not looking forward to the annual Wrestlemania match of Triple H vs Someone.

Asuka faces Nia Jax are next in a rematch from last week where if Jax wins, she gets added to Asuka’s Wrestlemania 34 title match. Jax once again showcased her strength with Airplane Spins, and Samoan Drops. Eventually though, Jax submits to Asuka’s Armbar as Alexa Bliss appears backstage alongside Mickie James, devastated for her best friend. As Jax gets up, holding her elbow, the crowd cheers.

The Revival vs The Bar face off next with the stipulation that if The Revival wins, they will face The Bar for the RAW Tag Team championships at Wrestlemania 34. However, this was not to be as Cesaro picks up the win for The Bar with a Neutralyzer.

John Cena comes out after briefly jumping to Smackdown Live last week in an attempt to book his ticket to Wrestlemania 34. He asserts that be will break a 20-year-old record on Sunday when he wins the WWE Championship for the 17th time. He also adds that AJ Styles, should he lose at Fastlane, use his rematch clause at Wrestlemania 34 to make it a fatal three way. Surprisingly enough, Goldust comes out and reveals that it’s his dream to face Cena and receive a Wrestlemania 34 match. He ends his promo by punching Cena, which irrupts into a match Cena eventually wins

Backstage, Nia Jax appears with Alexa Bliss, who, under the guise of being a friend, highlighted all of Jax’s insecurities. “Don’t be ashamed of what just happened. You should be proud of yourself and realize what you’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time. Look at what you’ve overcome….” She continues, as Jax tears up and the camera pans away.

Elias vs Strowman is next and Elias sings a song before disappearing, making his way backstage to a car. When he tries to move the car, Strowman arrives, stopping him. Elias run towards the ring, and the match starts. Strowman drags a piano on top of Elias before pinning him for the win.

Bray Wyatt is up next against Rhyno, and the match is over within a few minutes with Rhyno taking the pin, which is a shame because back in the day, Rhyno was unstoppable. After, he asks for Matt Hardy to show himself, and he does so on the Titantron, suggesting that Wyatt faces him on the Hardy Compound.

Miz and his Miztourage are in the ring now, for the third annual Mizzies. Eventually, Rollins interrupts the Miz and of course, Finn Balor interrupts Rollins. This is no doubt setting up their feud for the Intercontinental Title at Wrestlemania 34. Miz suggests a Balor and Rollins vs The Miz and his Miztourage match and the two agree. Rollins starts the match with The Miz and his Miztourage making sure he doesn’t get a tag to Balor. They show an aggressiveness we’re used to seeing from the Miz but not all three together. Eventually, Rollins tags Balor but Miz controls the match with his Miztourage. Throughout the match, Rollins and Balor argue when there’s a mishap over who was tagged in and the Miztouragetry to take advantage of that but are unsuccessful. Balor is about to do a Coup De Grace on Miz only for Rollins to tag himself in with a grin, pinning Miz with a Curbstomp. Angle comes out and no surprise here, announces The Miz will be competing against Rollins and Balor at Wrestlemania in a triple threat match.

Paul Heyman comes out to respond to Roman Reigns’ promo last week that called out Universal champion Brock Lesnar. He rejects the Reigns’ criticism that Lesnar didn’t wrestle enough, and argues that no one would have said that about Undertaker. Roman Reigns comes out with his rebuttal:

“Bu all of them were true. And what does Brock do. I thought he’d show up and be a man about this but what does he do? He sends you for his rebuttal. Brock really is a bitch isn’t he? And I’m not asking for a lot, I’m just asking that he shows up! They aren’t asking for much! All they’re asking is that the champion shows up to work. But that’s not even enough, yo. We don’t want Brock to just show up. We want Brock to actually want to behere. So, I’m going to keep this real simple, man. You said Brock is going to be in Detroit next week for RAW? Well that means so am I. And I want you to tell Brock that he can say whatever he wants to my face but you just make sure that he doesn’t come dressed up for a promo segment. He comes dressed for a fight!”

The show ends there with Heyman looking scared and as a fan whose wanted this since Lesnar vs Reigns’ first matchup, I’m excited for next week.


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