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Review: Shinola Canfield On-Ear Headphones Balance Style And Substance

By: Curtis Sindrey –

Shinola Canfield Headphones

Shinola have launched a new line of luxury headphones that are much like their namesake line of luxury watches: long-lasting quality, and impeccable style.

Founded in 2011, the Detroit-based Shinola is best known for their lines of luxury watches, bicycles, journals, and leather goods. But recently they’ve made the jump into the high-end headphones market with their Canfield line of in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear headphones.

The Price

Prices start at $195 for the in-ear model, $350 for the on-ear model, and $450 for the over-ear model.

The Look

With top grain leather, stainless steel, and soft lambskin, Shinola’s new line of luxury headphones will turn heads. However, for a pair of headphones that weigh three-quarters of a pound, there’s a surprising lack of sufficient padding. In addition, these headphones are made with smaller heads in mind with little room for adjustment. If you’ve got a bigger head, you might want to look elsewhere.

The Sound

The Canfield On-Ear is all about that bass with an impressive low-end performance with a patented rich, warm and expansive sound that will appease any music fan.

The Verdict

Shinola’s Canfield headphones are an exciting new entry into the growing luxury headphones landscape. With their impressive low-end performance,  and affordable prices, Canfield is what listening to music should sound like.

Buy the Shinola Canfield On-Ear Headphones here


One thought on “Review: Shinola Canfield On-Ear Headphones Balance Style And Substance

  1. The Shinola On-ear is my favorite headphone now. It was good enough out of the box, but with my $4 EQ app on my iPhone, the sound comes alive, big time.

    Posted by dalethorn | April 20, 2018, 4:58 pm

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