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WWE Raw: Recap, Reaction, Results (March 19, 2018)

By: Jamie Henry

Last night’s WWE RAW from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas has Kurt Angle opening the show once more, looking as serious as ever claiming he has bad news. Roman Reigns’ suspension is still in effect and he will not be at the show tonight. He also adds that Brock Lesnar has not yet arrived at the arena, but he assures that Lesnar will be here. He then adds that because Strowman won the tag team battle royal last week alone, he has to do something. Before he can tell us though, Roman Reigns is seen coming through the audience.

Reigns says that someone must be here to represent the main event, asking where Lesnaris when Angle assures him that Lesnar will be here. Angle says that Reigns needs to calm down, and that he’ll have Lesnar at Wrestlemania in three weeks. Reigns admits that he doesn’t care, and he doesn’t care who Angle must talk to – he’s not leaving his ring until he faces Lesnar tonight. Security comes out, wearing tactical vests, hilarious enough. We get a close-up on Reigns getting his miranda rights read to him and handcuffed. One of the officers touches Reigns to lead him out of the arena, and things explode as Reigns attacks the officers despite still being handcuffed. Cue Lesnar’s music, and the beast incarnate relentlessly attacks Reigns with chair shots and suplexes. Eventually, Lesnar leaves and medical staff slowly begin treating Reigns until Lesnar comes back and continues to wreak havoc. This segment left a bitter taste in my mouth because as always, Reigns being attacked went into overkill.

Next is Alexa Bliss, accompanied by Mickie James for her match against Asuka. I will say right now, I imagine Nia Jax coming out and costing Bliss the match, especially after what happened last week. Bliss begins to apologize for her words about Jax, only to turn around and like, a great heel, say she’s not sorry and she doesn’t feel remorse. She adds that she’s “never liked Nia, she used Nia,” and continues to add on that someone like her cannot be friends with someone like Nia, mocking Nia’s weight – which, also makes me extremely uncomfortable. Asuka comes out and the match up begins, but loses steam as Bliss decides to lose by count out. As Bliss makes her way to the locker room, Jax appears and chases after Bliss. When Jax appears to have Bliss against the barrier, James comes to help Bliss, with the latter running away from Jax as she throws James against the ring.

Backstage, Bliss is seen going to Angle, saying Jax should be suspended and arrested. Angle tears into Bliss about her words last week and how the champion should be a role model and how he’s going to give Jax a chance to win the championship from Bliss at Wrestlemania.

Braun Strowman comes out next, where he says management has stated he needs to find himself a partner for his match against The Bar at Wrestlemania. He says he doesn’t needa partner, at which points The Bar comes out. The Bar talks trash against Strowman, who adds that he can wrestle one of them at that moment with Angle’s permission – at which case, we get Cesaro vs Strowman. Strowman wins, obviously.

Bayley and Sasha Banks vs Absolution is next, with Bayley coming out first. When Banks comes out, she tries to explain to Bayley what she was doing at the Rumble, telling Bayley she forgives her.  Bayley asks why it was so easy for Banks to knock her down and smile at Elimination Chamber but before an answer can be made, Absolution comes out. Absolution dominates most of the match, with Banks and Bayley getting in a few shots where they work together and nearly pin Absolution. Eventually, Absolution wins by using Banks and Bayley’s problems against them.

John Cena comes out next, demanding an answer for his challenge to The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 34. After painting The Undertaker as a bad guy for his lack of response, Kane chokeslams him, leaving fans disappointed.

The Miz and his Miztourage come out next, to face off against The Balor Club. With Seth Rollins joining commentary, who criticised Miz for dishonorably defending his title, and called Balor a “hell of a competitor”, Balor scored the win for The Club with a Rollup, as The Miz and Miztourage attack Balor post-match. When Miz takes out The Club, Rollins goes to help Balor, curbstomping Miz before having a stare-down with Balor.

Last is Bray Wyatt vs Matt Hardy at the ‘Hardy Compound’ which essentially feels like a really bad acid trip down memory lane with Matt Hardy pinning Wyatt for the win when Wyatt is briefly distracted by a vision of Jeff Hardy, though it’s hard to say for sure.

The show ends, and I feel – bored. Which is a shame, definitely, but hopefully, with three weeks left until Wrestlemania, WWE steps it up.


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