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WWE SmackDown Live: Recap, Reaction, Results (March 20, 2018)

By: Jamie Henry

Last night’s WWE Smackdown Live, emanating from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, kicks off with Daniel Bryan, who after the huge news that WWE doctors cleared him to wrestle, dropped an emotional, and passionate promo. While Bryan admits to not knowing when he’ll get back in the ring, he looks towards the Wrestlemania sign, which could be a hint towards a Wrestlemania 34 matchup. Besides the news that Bryan is back in action, he also shed light on mental health issues such as depression, which was great to see.

Backstage, Bryan is congratulated for his return while he asks for Owens and Zayn. We then see Dolph Ziggler, who claims he can’t wait to beat Bryan, and Bryan responds with a “you certainly can try” before we see Rusev in the ring with Aiden English for a Fastlane rematch with Shinsuke Nakamura, with AJ Styles on commentary. Nakamura scored the pinfall, but not before Rusev and English attack the Royal Rumble winner but before Styles can try and help Nakamura, Nakamura retaliates and proves to Styles that he doesn’t need his help.

Charlotte Flair is backstage, and Natalya comes up to her, trying to scare Flair over Asuka winning. Natalya says that she is better than the other two, and accusing Asuka of stealing her Wrestlemania moment. Flair grants Natalya a match.

Styles and Nakamura are backstage, where Nakamura tells Styles his help wasn’t needed before adding that at Wrestlemania, he will beat him. The segment was lackluster, sadly, but the point was made.

Charlotte Flair and Natalya face off next. With chemistry off the charts, Carmella comes out, Money In The Bank briefcase in hand. Before the referee can announce the new match with Carmella, Flair attacks Carmella and Natalya pins Flair after the distraction, leaving me torn with Carmella still not having cashed in and yet, thankful she hasn’t lost her chance yet.

The Uso’s are out now, with Jimmy being accompanied by Jey for a match against Luke Harper – Jimmy and Jey cut an amazing promo, as always, about how they’re not going to back down against The Bludgeon Brothers so soon before Wrestlemania, especially with how long they’ve waited. At this point, the brothers come out. With a few moments where it seems like Jimmy is going to pull off the win, Harper picks up the victory instead, contining his domination of the tag team division.

Jinder Mahal is out next, looking incredibly sharp. He cuts a promo about his triple threat match at Wrestlemania 34 with Randy Orton and Bobby Roode. Bobby Roode comes out, followed by Orton, who blunted tells Mahal that he sucks without Sunil Singh. Mahal heels by throwing Singh into Roode and Orton before exiting the ring.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is told that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have arrived at the arena. Bryan calls out Owens and Zayn to join him in the ring as the two congratulate Bryan for his return, with Zayn hugging Bryan. Admittedly, Zayn’s hug was adorable, and as Owens talks about how they weren’t going to show up until they learned of the news, you can’t help but wonder what their real intentions are. Bryan fires Owens and Zayn and as the crowd does ‘yes’ chants as both men shake Bryan’s hand before turning away. Owens and Zayn then attack Bryan relentlessly before Bryan manages to attack them both with Yes Kicks.

We end the show with Bryan being placed on a stretcher, with the crowd chanting his name and Owens screaming with Zayn alongside him. I can’t help but wonder if they’re going to make this a triple threat at Wrestlemania or a tag team match, bringing in Shane McMahon.


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