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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Alfred Hall’s New 1960s-Inspired Love Song “Quite Some Time”

By: Staff –

Alfred Hall.

Alfred Hall.

Since 2009, Alfred Hall, the brainchild of Hans Thomas Kiær (guitar) and Bjørn Tveit (vocals), have been serving straight-up indie dream-pop to the masses – combining the lightness of summer sounds and salty sea breeze, with the sylvan dusk of Norwegian frosted forests.

Even after their second gig ever, the rave reviews started coming in, and with their first single “So Bright“, the band quickly became the band to watch out for in 2012. “So Bright” was a hit on international tastemaker radio stations and on Norwegian radio, making way for their album, Wilderness, which was released exclusively in Norway in 2013. In 2014 the band made their first release worldwide with “Alfred Hall EP,” followed by the single “The King of Cape” in 2015. . Now they’re back again with their brand new 1960s-inspired love song “Quite Some Time”, which you can stream below exclusively on Aesthetic Magazine.

“I wrote “Quite Some Time” a year or so back when I was away on placement during my studies,” says Tveit. “I remember one night sitting in the domicile, watching a surf movie with some pretty intense psychedelic rock. I don’t remember exactly what I found inspiring, but something made me want to pick up the guitar and make a song. So I did, and it was one of those rare, liberating instances where I’ve been able to finish a song in a single day. At the time I had been missing my girlfriend quite a bit, and decided it should be about the time we met. A few weeks later we brought the demo to Broen Studio in Bergen, where it was recorded and produced with the talented Anders Bjelland.”


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