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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Kira May’s New Single “Heat”

By: Staff –

Kira May.

Kira May.

Toronto artist Kira May uses her voice and breath to build otherworldly art-pop songs that are lush, visceral and emotional. Influences ranging from Björk to Steve Reich to Kanye West come together to create a broad and exploratory palette of sounds.

Her brand new single, “Heat”, which is streaming exclusively at Aesthetic Magazine, is taken from May‘s upcoming LP Sense (out May 4th), which explores themes of high sensitivity, pleasure, over-stimulation, panic and depression, as well as documenting the ups and downs of her journey towards mental health. Stream it below!

Sense features a mixture of solo vocal looping and live instrumentation featuring such artists as Steven Foster (Omhouse) on drums and Juno-nominated Tara Kannangara on trumpet.

““Heat” explores the flow of creativity and vitality through the movement of water in the atmosphere,” says May of her new single. “The narrator is singing to an oppressive force that creates a parched and suffocating landscape, but soon learns that the very heat that stifles her is the same energy required to trigger the flow of rain. This song is a meditation on using our unique struggles as fuel for growth. By the end of the song, the narrator realizes that, like a storm, she is much too huge and mighty to be contained, be it by her anxieties, her body, or anyone who tries to hold her down or put her in a box.”



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