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Photos + Review: Alice In Chains @ Massey Hall

Photos by: David McDonald – 

Review by: Adam Harrison –

Leather jackets, chain links, and long greasy hair swarmed Toronto’s Massey Hall last night for a sold-out gig with influential grunge rockers Alice In Chains, which served as one of the last shows before the iconic venue will close for renovation for at least two years. But the Seattle-based quartet made sure to leave the old theatre with a night to remember.

Currently touring between albums – it’s been almost five years since their last album  – William DuVall  and co. plan to release a new effort this summer, which will follow up 2013’s The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here.

The set opened with “Bleed the Freak,” dating back to the group’s 1990 debt album Facelift. The raunchy guitars tones hit every single corner of the acoustically perfected venue while DuVall’s scraping vocals eclipsed over the three-story theatre. DuVall appearing in all black, equipped with leather jacket and shades, while guitarist, Jerry Cantrell, came decked out in suit and feathered cap. The opening was immediately followed by “Check My Brain,” debatably their most successful single since DuVall joined the band. The opening guitar riff so heavy, you couldn’t help but bang your head along with the band.

It became apparent that tonight was all about the music. One song flowed into the next with very little pause and words addressed to the audience. Aside from a brief break to introduce the band, Alice In Chains mostly just hammered their way through the 19-sing set list, which included many highlights such as “Again,” “Them Bones,” “We Die Young” and “Man in the Box.”

The Seattle band returned for an encore which included two of their most popular songs, “Would?” and “Rooster.” “Here they come to snuff the rooster!” The almost 3,000 fans chanted along as the successful night came to a close – Leaving us with high hopes for the new Alice in Chains album this summer and a new series of concerts to continue where things left off when Massey Hall reopens in 2020.


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