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Exclusive: Stream For Esme’s New Canadian Womxn-Focused Spotify Playlist

By: Staff 

For Esme

Toronto-based art pop band For Esme released their new album, Righteous Woman, on May 25th.

Taking inspiration from sources ranging from Fiona Apple to Robyn and Röyksopp and referencing projects like No Doubt’s Return of Saturn and Joan Didion’s seminal essay “On Self Respect”, Righteous Woman traverses an emotional spectrum grounded in electronic art pop. With a refrain built for the current cultural moment, Doubtmouth unwinds its message like a spool of thread, moving through the doubt that chokes us and the labels that shrink us to find a voice and body that won’t be quieted.

To celebrate the release of Righteous Woman, For Esme lead singer Martha Meredith has curated a new female focused Spotify playlist exclusively for Aesthetic Magazine that includes inspiring female artists, including: US Girls, Land of Talk, Joni Mitchell, The Weather Station, Alvvays, Metric, and more!

Check it out below!

1. Poem – US Girls: I’ve been loving this whole record, named after this song, but this song really captures a feeling in the cultural climate. ‘We all know what is right. We didn’t get it from a book or a sign.’

2. The Reminder – A l l i e: I caught this playing on Afterdark while I drove home on a summery Monday evening and I was flooded with pride to know this awesome woman. This is an empowering anthem about independence and self-love, and it hits just the right note for me.

3. Under Your Always Light – Leanne Betasmoke Simpson: This more of a spoken word piece but it’s so moving. Leanne is such an important voice in Canada right now, writing books, poetry and music about the state of indigenous affairs and the legacy of indigenous peoples and their treatment in Canada. This track is a beautiful journey sonically and it’s hopeful and beautiful.

4. Rainbow of Blues – The Highest Order: If you know anything about my music taste you probably know I’m obsessed with The Highest Order. This is an older one of theirs, from ‘If It’s Real’ which is probably the most played record in my house.

5. Inner Lover – Land Of talk: This is my second favourite track from ‘Life After Youth’ which was my favourite album of 2017. That groove at the beginning is mmmm. I love this band so much.

6. Carey – Joni Mitchell:  I can’t talk about my love for Canadian women without talking about Joni. She’s the original lyrical influence in my life. My mum raised me on this brilliant woman and I’m grateful for it.

7. Kept It All To Myself – The Weather Station: I’ve put her song ‘Thirty’ on every single playlist I’ve made for almost a year so I thought I should switch it up. This one’s a jam!

8. Forget About Life – Alvvays: This song is a sleeper hit on Antisocialites. It’s the last song but if it hits you right it’ll make you fall apart. It’s such a ballad!

9. Soft Rock Star – Metric: Emily Haines’ lyricism has been absolutely pivotal for me since grade eleven. This is an old Metric song that I always come back to because I think it still speaks such truth about being a woman in the music industry. Stoked to see them play Fantasies front to back at Field Trip this weekend!

10. Birds & Bees – Weaves: Jasmyn is the most inspiring performer I’ve seen in a while. She is IT! I’m obsessed. So stoked to have her DJing after our record launch party.

11. Solid State – FRIGS: Basic Behaviour is one of my favourite new records out this year. I love Bria’s raw vulnerability in this track when she begs “I will love myself.. if you will love me back.” She rules.

12. Bare Minimum – Too Attached: When it comes to righteous women, Vivek Shraya is the bravest boldest lyricist and I love it. This is a call out track for people doing the bare minimum and it bites beautifully.

13. Agua – Lido Pimienta: When I saw Lido perform this at Venus Fest she finished by repeating with this heart breaking clarity: “we want clean water, we demand clean water, for everybody on colonized land”.

14. Figures – A reprise – Jessie Reyez: I found the Junos to be a bit of a snore but the one most focused, intense and powerful moment for me was when Jessie sang this song of hers with Daniel Caesar. She is such an emotive singer and the two of them gave me hope for what Canada brings to the table in pop music.

15. Joshua – Dizzy: “Joshua’s a Gemini, he broke my heart” is gonna be in your head now for days. You won’t mind though because this song is so lovely.

16. Get By – Liza Ann: I really just dove into Liza’s “Fine But Dying” properly this morning, but I’m pretty wowed by how intimate her lyrics and themes are. I was struck by “I don’t wanna get by get by, get by with you. I don’t wanna get high to paralyze my mind.”


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