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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Whitney McClain’s New “Cruise Remixes” EP

By: Staff –

Whitney McClain. (Photo: David Larkins lll)

Whitney McClain. (Photo: David Larkins lll)

Rising singer-songwriter Whitney McClain is back with her brand new “Cruise Remixes” EP (out June 8th), which you can stream exclusively on Aesthetic Magazine.

“For the original “Cruise” recording, I did a lot of the pre-recording process at my home studio, and then eventually went in the the studio to cut the master recording,” says McClain. “We did a lot of work to get the vocals exactly where we wanted to for the best performance. For the remix, we were really satisfied with the original vocal recording so we just kept that. The producers just took the song and they did their magic on it. Most of everything at that stage of the song, we did via email.”

“I had this beat for a really long time,” McClain adds. “The only thing I could come up with for the instrumental was “Cruise” or “Cruising”. One day, during a writing session with my co-writer, I brought up the instrumental. When I played it, I told them what the concept was that I wanted. My boyfriend Davi came up with a cool first little line, I thought it had a cool message. From there, we just built on the song and the rest is history!”


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