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Exclusive Premiere: Watch After The Mountain’s New Video For “Ariana”

By: Staff –

After The Mountain

Toronto-based rock band After The Mountain are back with their brand new video for “Ariana”, which you can stream exclusively on Aesthetic Magazine below.

“For ‘Ariana’, we wanted to visually capture that intangible, ethereal feeling that one experiences when falling in love,” says the band on the new video. “That swirling exuberance of joyful uncertainty set within the landscape of a city after dark. We owe a lot of thanks to our friends Hayden Currie and Matt Braun who helped us to translate the vision, both of whom also shot our first video. We’re really pleased with the result and hope audiences dig it as well.”

After the Mountain formed in 2017 after a series of songwriting and production collaborations between lead singer Arthur Lee and Montreal songwriting/production team The Lost Boys. The songs were written from a distance with each party throwing ideas back and forth until several songs emerged and were ready to be produced and recorded. Several promising tunes emerged from the process: “Holding Out” an epic rock and roll love song about a dying romance, “What You’ve Got” a bitter breakup slow jam with a huge sing-a-long chorus and “Take Me Down To The Water” a bluesy/gospel influenced anthem. Once the initial batch of songs were created, Arthur started adding members to the mix as the band prepares to record more songs and take their bluesy rock and roll sound to the stage with several shows in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa planned for the spring of 2018 in support of their forthcoming EP.



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