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Wavelength Music Series Launches Investigation Amid Abuse Allegations

By: Staff –

Jonny Dovercourt

Jonny Dovercourt

Following public allegations recently made via social media from a former Wavelength Music employee that current Artistic Director, Jonathan Bunce – better known to the Toronto music community as Jonny Dovercourt – created a hostile work environment during their time with the organization, the Wavelength Music Board of Directors will be launching an independent third party inquiry to further investigate these allegations.

While still in the process of engaging this counsel, the Board is committed to conducting a prompt, impartial and thorough review of any and all allegations of workplace misconduct, and has asked that Mr. Bunce stand down as Artistic Director of the Festival pending the outcome of this inquiry.

In addition to the engagement of an outside consultant in regards to this complaint, the Wavelength Board will be holding an open forum to address all concerns and to freely discuss the experiences of the community in regards to the series, working towards examining all aspects and revisiting current policies with full transparency and community collaboration. At this time, the Board is seeking an appropriate facilitator and venue to accommodate this conversation within the coming weeks, but would like to assure the community that the details surrounding this event will be made public and a formal invitation extended once these details are secured, both through a formal press release and through Wavelength Music’s communication channels.

Out of respect to the artists, employees, volunteers, venues and suppliers who have committed their time to the organization and help make our events consistently successful, Wavelength Music will continue with our current show schedule, with Aaron Dawson, General Manager, fulfilling Mr. Bunce’s duties until further notice.


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