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Photos + Review: Beck, Oh Wonder @ Budweiser Stage

Photos by: Lisa Mark –

Review by: Curtis Sindrey –

TORONTO, ON - JULY 07: Beck performs at Budweiser Stage in Toronto on July 07, 2018. (Photo: Lisa Mark/Aesthetic Magazine)

TORONTO, ON – JULY 07: Beck performs at Budweiser Stage in Toronto on July 07, 2018. (Photo: Lisa Mark/Aesthetic Magazine)

Acclaimed folk-pop singer-songwriter Beck brought his ongoing tour in support of his 13thalbum, Colors, to Toronto’s Budweiser Stage last night (July 8th) and the performance can best be described as “wow”.

Throughout a 24-song set, Beck took fans on a kaleidoscoptic journey of a variety of genres, including: acoustic folk (Lose Cause, Debra), hip-hop (Where It’s At), trap (Wow), dance-rock (Dreams), pop-rock (Up All Night), among others, and transitioned seamlessly between any sonic experiments he came up with.

“We’re going to get loose, we’re going to get weird and we’re going to be together”, says Beck before launching into fan-favourite set opener “Loser”, and he certainly kept his promise as he explored deep cuts like “Earthquake Weather”, which he hadn’t played since July 2005, played full or snippets of songs by the likes of Prince (Raspberry Beret), Gary Numan (Cars), Kanye West (Power), and The Beatles (Strawberry Fields Forever), or when he broke “one of the rules of rock and roll” when he dedicated five seconds to his set to dead space as a palate cleanser for both himself and a near-capacity crowd.

Whether you’re a fan of present day, emotionally charged 2000s singer-songwriter, or 90’s low-fi raconteur Beck, he effectively appeals to all tastes, so don’t miss him when he comes through your city this summer.

Technical issues plagued opener Oh Wonder’s seven-song set. With their mics and/or synths occasionally cutting out, it thankfully didn’t hinder their otherwise captivating performance as they showcased their signature blend of electropop and R&B.


Oh Wonder


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