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Exclusive Premiere: Watch FAANGS’ New Video for “Ceiling”

By: Staff –


Up-and-coming artist FAANGS is back with her new video for “Ceiling”, which you can watch exclusively on Aesthetic Magazine Below.

“With this music video, I pushed myself and my own boundaries,” says FAANGS. “I wanted full choreography, even though I could hardly do a two step. So I got to work. I rehearsed for three months, every damn day, on a routine that I was so committed to in the hopes of making the music video undeniably electric. I sketched out all the outfits that I wore and executed all the looks through hours of asking designers to collaborate, pulling from my own closet and making pieces myself. I can honestly tell you, this video is so honest and true to the artist that I am, and I want to become. I am beyond thrilled to have this as the introduction to FAANGS. Thank you to my team for the blood, sweat, tears and broken nails it took to get to this starting foundation. Welcome to my glittery, psychotic dreamland.”

FAANGS emerges from the shadows with compelling pop melodies and piercing lyricism. She’s a paradox of glamour and destruction, imparting the recklessness of youth as she writes and sings of resistance, temptation, and of heartbreak.

Her artistry borders on obsession – she returns to the studio again and again, writing through the night until every note, vibration and word find their clarity.  FAANGS feeds on the hypnosis of creative expression and craves the ecstacy of making a perfect song – she sheds light into the darkest corners of the psyche with music that connects to the insecure, the isolated and the lost.

FAANGS recognizes the intense power of music as a healer and as a point of connection, explaining that her job as an artist “is to cater not only to what my creativity feeds on, but what others around me need.”  Written from the heart and slightly psychotic, FAANGS makes music that will never die – like all timeless art, her catalogue of songs is both beautiful and vulnerable.

FAANGS is about to hit pop culture hard with her unique brand of darkly inflectious music, beginning a journey that will inevitably manifest as endless nights in the studio, weeks on the road and months at the top of the charts.



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