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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Chersea’s New Track ‘Tongue Tied’

By: Staff –

CHERSEA. (Photo: Kristina Ruddick)

CHERSEA. (Photo: Kristina Ruddick)

Noted for her hypnotizing utilization of looping stations met with her driving vocals and poetic lyricism, Chersea has set herself apart with her brand new track “Tongue Tied”, which you can stream exclusively on Aesthetic Magazine below.

Surrounded by a myriad of instruments, Chersea uses her loop-stations to create ethereal walls of frequencies; all driven by her powerful voice and poetic lyrics, she’s able to conjure a sound like no other. Her soliloquy of personal hardship melts into an experiential production that allows you to connect with yourself and your neighbours in emotional ways you’ve never imagined.

“For a long period in my life I found myself trying to find someone to fulfill me,” says Chersea. “I was looking to have someone or something that would make me feel whole. I didn’t feel like I was good enough to make myself happy, and it turned into something truly awful. Over time I managed to destroy a lot of strong friendships, turning them into a game of cat and mouse as I was testing the waters thinking I could find something romantic within my friend group. In the process, I instead pushed a lot of people away from me and made things very real for myself. After an intense break-up that eventually led to a very dark episode, I had a moment to breathe and realize how much I needed to love myself before I could really send it to anyone else. This song is about reflecting on that period. It narrates the thoughts of a person looking for their partner in a sea of confusion and desperation, as their need to open to anyone and anything overcomes their ability to find sense in their own happiness. Tongue Tied is a curated fairytale that lies within the desperate mind of its beholder.” 

Chersea is set to release her debut LP on Fierce Panda Canada later in 2018. ​


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