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Premiere: Stream Brandon Prinzing & the Old Revival’s New Single “Nerve”

By: Staff –

Brandon Prinzing

Emerging pop-punk / folk-punk artist Brandon Prinzing & the Old Revival is back with their new single “Nerve”, which you can stream on Aesthetic Magazine below. If you’re a huge fan of emo and pop-punk, this band hits a sweet soft spot with folk inspirations like Bob Dylan, Frank Turner and Garth Brooks while also hitting the same vocal roughness as emo king Dashboard Confessional.

Brandon Prinzing & the Old Revival is a four-piece folk punk group from Bend, Oregon. Inspired by classic americana, the intricacies of metal and the defiant energy of punk rock, Brandon Prinzing combines all three in an all-consuming kick, stomp and holler force of motion. Hear This, their first debut album recorded by Aaron Gillespie of Underoath, details the struggle of loss and fighting to continue. Inspired by a near-fatal car crash that left his girlfriend paralyzed and paraplegic, Prinzing explores the darkness of feeling trapped with no way out – but still fighting to pursue happiness.

“Nerve is a song of defiance,” says Prinzing. “I had been playing in an indie band for the last year or more, which I had just left, and I was slightly disillusioned with music and the scene. I felt judged for wanting to write and make what I liked. In that headspace, instead of being all bummed and defeated, I just became defiant. Like go to hell, I love what I love and write what I write, and my band mates like it too. It translated to a lot of things I was going through in my life–loneliness, losing my friend Chase, self-doubt, broken relationships– and it became my anthem to fight for what I need to fight for no matter what the world, music scene, or anyone else thinks. At one point, I had finished writing the whole song, but I was stuck on the bridge, and I took a break and went to a local indie rock show to clear my head. As I sat out back talking to a few people on the smoking patio, I just looked around and realized all any of these indie hipster people were doing was talking shit on every band, musician or artist the deemed “not cool enough”. “He only plays three chords” or “that band is the same as all the rest” and so on and so on. I wrote the bridge after I walked out and sat in my car.


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