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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Michael Bernard Fitzgerald’s New Single “‘Rip My Heart Out”

By: Staff –

Calgary-based singer-songwriter Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is back with his new single “Rip My Heart Out”. Fitzgerald, who cites artists such as Bryan Adams, Springsteen, and Paul Simon and influences, has been crafting his forthcoming album with Grammy award winning producer Dennis Herring (Modest Mouse, Ra Ra Riot, Wavves), which is set for release this September.

The new single ‘Rip My Heart Out’ supplies the classic songwriting of his idols, but wrapped in a glossy modern production package. Crisp beats and galloping piano drive the song forward, as Fitzgerald commands all the attention with his unwavering vocals. The song is maybe the most aggressive song in the artist’s catalog, rarely coming up for air, daring you to not move your feet. But at it’s heart is a country swagger, a heartland sensibility for melody and call and response. An exciting turn of events that sets Fitzgerald apart from his singer-songwriter peers.

“Rip My Heart Out is about that fire between two people – it basically is saying don’t start a fire if you don’t intend to let it burn,” says Fitzgerald. “The song is inspired lyrically by writers like Henley, Springsteen and Petty; brought to life in a modern way in the studio with Dennis Herring. I originally wrote the lyric with Josiah Rosen (Augustana) on Abbott Kinney blvd in Venice. We didn’t have an instrument with us but found a melody that we liked. I came home and recorded the vocal with a single note in the headphones for pitch and a click for timing. We sent that file to Dennis and he created the feel. I’d never done a song like that, but ended up loving the process.”



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