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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Madeleine Roger’s New Video for “Take My Time”

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Madeleine Roger. (Photo: Sam Baardman)

Madeleine Roger. (Photo: Sam Baardman)

Winnipeg-based folk-roots singer-songwriter Madeleine Roger is back with a new video for her new single “Take My Time”. The track, which serves as the first single from her debut solo album Cottonwood which is out on October 26th, was written in the woods at her family’s cabin in Manitoba and the video was filmed in the same location. Watch the video exclusively on Aesthetic Magazine below!

“This song is so unbelievably important to me – I want it to be my manifesto,” says Madeleine. “I wrote ‘Take My Time’ in an off-the-grid cabin built by my great-grandparents, between Florence Lake and Marion Lake in Manitoba. On that particular writing retreat, I had hiked in 13 kms from the highway following wolf tracks and was spending each day chopping wood, watching the lake thaw, going for long walks, and writing. There is nothing in the world that makes me happier than being in a forest or on water, and this song practically wrote itself while I was enjoying a cozy morning fire and thinking about my own existence. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the business of the day-to-day, and admittedly I tend to live life bursting at the seams. But when I sit back and enjoy the patterns of sunshine on the ground, the wind rippling on the water, and the tenacity of things like lichen, I remember what is actually important. This song is a reminder to myself, and an appreciation of the time-scale of the natural world.”

While accompanying herself on acoustic guitar, it is her artistry as a songwriter that can silence a room, uniting her captivating voice with vivid lyricism and maturity beyond her years. A former thespian and a lifelong traveler, she is prone to absorbing stories and questioning the way that things are, creating songs with imaginative melodies and honesty that bares truths about being alive.

Madeleine’s work reflects whatever is on her mind; curious characters, natural beauty and decay, historical events, the human condition, artistic influences, and daily goings-on inspire her impressive catalogue of inventive songs.

“Take My Time” will be available on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services on Friday, August 31st.


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