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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Eden Warsaw’s New Video for “Pink California”

By: Staff –

Eden Warsaw

Toronto-based  alternative/electronic/pop band Eden Warsaw is back with a new video for their track “Pink California”, which you can watch exclusively on Aesthetic Magazine below.

“In Pink California I wanted to explore how Mark and the band write their music, and how it bonds them together,” says director Patrick Hodgson. “Mark has a falling out with his girl, and the loft – bathed in pink light -becomes the writing sanctuary, their happy place, their California. All of the frustrations of life and relationships channel into their music, which begs us to consider the power and effect music has on us. ”

“Pink California” showcases everything promising about the band. Lucious melodies, unwavering swagger, enthralling modern production, and seductive vocals. The band is bound for bigger stages and larger audiences, and this track is just another step in the undeniable trajectory. Crank it loud and pray that you’ll be hearing more from Eden Warsaw soon!

Eden Warsaw recently won a Toronto Independent Music Award for their debut single “Somebody Tell Me” which has racked up 100k+ streams so far. They’re currently prepping for a big rest of the year with an east coast tour planned in October as well as an EP release this fall/winter. There’s also a full length on the horizon for early 2019.


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