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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Stacey Kaniuk’s New Single “Give Up The Ghost”

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Stacey Kaniuk. (Photo: Jen Squires)

Stacey Kaniuk. (Photo: Jen Squires)

Rising singer-songwriter Stacey Kaniuk is back with her new single “Give Up The Ghost”, which you can stream exclusively on Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Sometimes the people closest to us are the ones who hurt us the most,” Kaniuk says of the new song. “When you’re too close to a negative situation it can be impossible to see it for what it really is. “Give up the Ghost” is about waking up and walking away from something that’s holding you back or hurting you. It’s about letting go and not staying in a negative frame of mind.”

“This song was born out of the beat,” Kaniuk continues. “I was staying at a friends’ house and only had access to an old 90s keyboard. The keyboard only had about 8 sounds, and one of the percussion sounds was this very mechanical, tin-sounding rolling snare. It reminded me of a military drill, which sort of informed the whole vibe of the song. When we eventually recorded the realdrums in the studio, we had my drummer replace the digital beat with his own assertive, punchy snare. I didn’t want this song to feel aggressive though – this is not an angry song. I wanted it to be to feel reflective and self assured. The horns lift it up into a triumphant place, and my hope was that the choir of background vocals would add a softer, human element.”

Kaniuk’s new EP, Heartbeat, which is set for an early 2019 release is big, bright and boisterous pop, sometimes punctuated by horns, and in one instance disco. Yes disco, likely the only genre of music that has not had a comeback — yet.  The throwback music video for the single “Baby Wants To Dance” features all the classic visuals of a 1970s rollerskating dance party.  Perhaps the retro sound of the song was subliminally influenced by the giant disco ball spinning in Joydrop bassist and producer Thom McKay’s recording studio. Proof enough. It’s ba-ack!

But Stacey’s six-song release has a range of other vibes too, including old-school funk and soul. There’s the pleading ballad “Make Your Move,” the funky jazzy swirl “Mercy,” and the playful peppy piano pop of “Follow Me Down”.



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