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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Bend Sinister’s New Video for “Got Your Back”

By: Staff –

Bend Sinister. (Photo: Amanda Leigh Smith)

Bend Sinister. (Photo: Amanda Leigh Smith)

Bend Sinister is back with a new video for their track “Got Your Back”, which you can watch exclusively on Aesthetic Magazine below.

“The sentiment for ‘Got Your Back’ is as simple as the name”, says the band of the new track. “With the whirlwind of living in modern society, sometimes we have to step back from our 9-5, from scrolling through our socials, from our general day to day distractions, to actively take off the blinders and make sure that person beside you is doing okay, that they know they’re not alone. We can all learn new tricks, we can all rise to the occasion, we can all roll out of bed that much easier, when someone’s “Got Your Back”. The writing process was actually quite fast with this one, it was a late addition to our new album ‘Foolish Games’, and it almost fell out of us, lyrically and musically. To capture the anthemic theme of simply being there for somebody, it was a nice feeling.”

Labeled as anything from math to prog to pop but feeling most comfortable in the plain guise of rock, Bend Sinister of have evolved through numerous styles and absorbed a plethora of influences to become a band so refreshingly original that the struggle to categorize them is a losing battle.



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