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Exclusive: Stream The Dirty Nil’s New “Changing Times” Playlist

By: Staff 

The Dirty Nil. (Photo: Vanessa Heins)

The Dirty Nil. (Photo: Vanessa Heins)

To celebrate Hamilton-based punk band The Dirty Nil’s new album, Master Volume (out now), the band curated a new playlist that chronicles a list of tracks that feel like times are changing.

“Our record Master Volume is coming out in September which is usually the month where people go back to school, move away, make some changes for themselves, etc,” the band says. “The record release will start the beginning of a long and amazing touring cycle, which will in turn change our day to day lives. Here are some jams that for some reason or another give me the feeling of times changing.”

“Changes” – Charles Bradley – Beautiful version, beautiful voice, seeing him the first time at Sappy Fest changed music for us.

“Mystery” – Wipers – The outcome of change is always a mystery

“Eyeballs” – A. Savage – What I get from it lyrically is someone is moving away and perhaps you are trying to change their mind. Love the upbeat drums and performance of the songs although the lyrics are kind of the opposite. To us, it sums up the mixture of feelings when things change. Love it.

“King Harvest (Has Surely Come)” – The Band –  Everything about this song reminds us of the fall and we listen to it every year around this time. Check out the live session of this song on Youtube, changes our lives every time.

“I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better” – The Byrds – Took us about four hours to decide if we were going to pick the Tom Petty version but decided to cheat and put a Petty jam in later. Perfect song, may lyrically sum up that change can make things better, probably.

“Dead Medium” – Daniel Romano – Only a live recording exists, with the master Ryan Peters on drums. Maybe one of the coolest riffs of all time, the lyrics speak for itself.

“Attitude” – Bad Brains – Change can suck, don’t forget your PMA

“Here For You” – Neil Young – Song about someone close moving away. Even in 2005 Uncle Neil was killing it.

“Web” – Single Mothers – Came out a few days ago, it rips. Can’t wait for future Ross to hit the pit to the last riff.

“Letting You Go” – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Finally made it to the master of song writing. Sometimes you gotta let things go.

“Do Better” – Big School –  The new Canadian rock n roll heavy weights. Sometimes you gotta do better, maybe now’s the time?


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