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Album Review: St. Lucia – “Hyperion”

By: Jessica Nakamoto –




St Lucia - Hyperion

Ranging from electronic-pop to gospel choir, St. Lucia’s latest work delivers a clear message: they aren’t in the business of staying static.

While cheerful synth rhythms and charismatic sunshine melodies are non-negotiable and permanent fixtures in the quintet’s signature sound, St. Lucia’s new record flourishes with a conscious favoring of evolution and growth. Set for release on September 21 via Columbia Records, the band’s third studio album, Hyperion, not only provides a gentle nod to past success, but flexes their lyrical and melodic range with a new sense of maturity.

Disassociated with the traditional songwriting scene generally favored by youthful mainstream pop-outlets, frontman John-Philipe Grobler forged a new path, focusing attention on his most cherished albums as a new source of inspiration. As a result, rather than falling into the modern pitfall of shallow lyrics and material, he found the makings of an intrinsically a spiritual record. However, while boasting catchy clap-based rhythms and strong segments of gospel choir vocals, songs such as “Paradise is Waiting” are not necessarily linked to a specific faith, but rather, share a deep soul-searching theme of finding meaning, and yes, true “paradise”, nestled within oneself. In other words, it’s St. Lucia’s ability to address these sentimental nuances that move the band beyond the typical realm of one-dimensional pop.

Indeed, touching upon emotional and heavy topics with a deft hand is no easy feat. And with concepts ranging from gun control [Gun] to the burdens of technology [A Brighter Love], staying true to a sunny and light disposition can be a challenge within itself. Yet, with John-Philip Grobler and wife Patti Beranek leading the band on vocals, St. Lucia mix melancholy topics and upbeat synth patterns with ease, harmony, and overall great success.

Recommended Tracks: “A Brighter Love”, “Walking Away”, and “Paradise is Waiting”



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