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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Chersea’s New Single “I Can’t Be You”

By: Staff –

CHERSEA. (Photo: Kristina Ruddick)

CHERSEA. (Photo: Kristina Ruddick)

Chersea is back with her new single “I Can’t Be You”, which you can stream exclusively on Aesthetic Magazine below.

Surrounded by a myriad of instruments, Chersea uses her loop-stations to create ethereal walls of frequencies; all driven by her powerful voice and poetic lyrics, she’s able to conjure a sound like no other. Chersea is setting her sights for a mind-bending approach to songwriting and storytelling. Her soliloquy of personal hardship melts into an experiential production that allows you to connect with yourself and your neighbours in emotional ways you’ve never imagined.

Today, Chersea is taking live stages by storm with her five-piece band. Her already powerful sound has evolved to be stronger than ever with the additional support, delivering Chersea’s to audiences on a whole new level. Welcome to Chersea’s story. Welcome to your own.

Of the new song, Chersea says:

Some relationships are abusive, but not all abuse is physical. My new single, “I Can’t Be You,” explores gas-lighting – the manipulation of someone through psychological means into questioning their own sanity. The affected person views their emotional situation through a distorted lens, and becomes willing to sacrifice their own happiness and health to conform to the flawed perspective.

The effect of that sacrifice allows the cycle to continue and in the process, one loses their individuality, as well as their grip of reality. “I Can’t Be You” follows that journey of the victim trying to reconcile his or her own thoughts about the situation. As they begin to discern that it’s not their fault, they realize that their desperation is only a by-product of codependsey. They have been under the illusion that their identity requires outside validation. Acknowledging that they will no longer be the product of their partner’s gas-lighting, helplessness transforms into a proclamation of inner validation: “I can’t be me” becomes “I Can’t Be You.”


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