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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Colour Picture Book’s New Two Song 7″ ‘Amsterdam’

By: Staff –

Colour Picture Book

Colour Picture Book is back with a new two song seven inch titled “Amsterdam”, which can be streamed exclusively on Aesthetic Magazine below.

Recorded at Revolution Recordings, the band set out to create an authentic 1970’s sound using all vintage gear and recording straight off the floor.   This record, right down to the equipment it was tracked on (CBC’s old 2″ tape recorder) is Canadian as rough cut lumber, which, like this 45, is both solid and raw.  The project is an answer to the industry’s recent years of infinite digital editing and shameless polishing. The focus is centered around real human chemistry live off the floor, and true, unadulterated analog recording with little to no editing. Most performances are from the first take.

“When I set out to make this 45, I wanted to make something that followed the way I had always dreamed of recording, with absolutely no compromise,” said Adam Webster. “The compromises I have made in the past have always stuck out to me like a sore thumb and for that reason, never got released. I wanted the band to be live off the floor, all in the same room. I wanted the sound to be an analog signal every step of the way, right down to the lacquer cutting head. I wanted to work with engineers that would help me get there, no matter what. I wanted to sing without correcting anything. I wanted to take whatever guitar solo came out of my fingers at the moment I was singing the song.   I wanted the sound of a real band in a real room.”

“I immediately knew I wanted to record at Revolution with Luke Schindler,” Webster continued. “Max and I had previously had a magical session there working on a record for Nathan Ferraro’s incredibly talented younger brother Dom. Not only did they have all the vintage gear I always dreamed of playing around with, there was just this vibe that Luke would let us do anything we wanted, and he knew how to help us get there and make it sound great. Tracking was such a smooth process. I think we ended up using the first takes of each song. Actually, the recording of Amsterdam wasn’t even an official take. We were just running through the structure of the tune and the tape was rolling. We hopped into the control room, got the levels sounding right, and had mixes to take home at the end of the night.”


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