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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Jess McAvoy’s New Single “All Alone”

By: Staff –

Jess McAvoy. (Photo: Ash Parkins)

Jess McAvoy. (Photo: Ash Parkins)

New York-based, Australia-raised songstress Jess McAvoy has released her poignantly beautiful new single “All Alone”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Simple and serene, Jess McAvoy’s lyrics vocal sincerity strikes the very core with each melody, word and note. Reminiscent of years gone by, Jess McAvoy reflects upon how each and every one of us have set forth on a course to follow our passions and dreams that have uprooted ourselves from what’s familiar and how to a land that is new. But every now and then, we look out the window on a mellow day, reflecting and reminiscing upon a place of rich and familiar smells of home that permeate childhood memories that drives us all to miss what we had left behind.

Although the single “All Alone” touches upon our own experiences, Jess wrote this song one day upon reflecting and missing what she left behind in Australia four years ago after leaving all she knew behind to further continue her career in daily hustle of New York. Australian-born and now Brooklyn-based, Jess McAvoy has spent over two decades mining the human condition for her prolific output of music. A stunning vocalist and commanding live performer, McAvoy combines blues, pop, rock and astute lyricism to create a powerful, hook laden examination of that which fuels us all – the desire for connection.



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