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Exclusive: Stream Kendra Kay’s New “10 Songs That Made Me Fall in Love with Country Music” Playlist

By: Staff 

Kendra Kay

Canadian country artist Kendra Kay, who released her second EP, More To Me, last month, curated an exclusive Spotify playlist for us that chronicles the 10 songs that made her fall in love with country music, which you can stream below.

“Strawberry Wine” – Deana Carter

One thing that made me fall in love with country music was how a song was able to make you feel. Growing up, this was a very popular country song and its cause it was a song people put on to reminisce and feel good. You couldn’t help but want to crank this song up as loud as it could go and sing along at the top of your lungs when the course rolled around. Definitely a feel good moment every time it plays

“Country Ain’t Country No More” – Travis Tritt

Growing up, I always seemed to take towards the “older” country music. As I grew older, the music changed more and more. Hearing this song in the early 2000s took me back to that older country. The message behind this song is so strong that the first time I head it, it gave me chills. You can’t help but stop and think about all the changes we see, not only in country music, but as country people in general. The way a strong message behind a good country song can make you feel is something I love about country music.

“Check Yes or No” – Geroge Strait

The king of country music – no one can replace George Strait in my eyes. There is multiple songs of his that could have made this list, but I remember as a kid listening to this song and being able to relate to it, even as a child. True country music with a relatable story for literally anyone. The tone of George’s voice comes across so crisp it makes you feel warm inside. The production isn’t there for the voice to hide behind, rather be there to make the vocals stand out.

“Cowboy Sweetheart” – LeAnn Rimes

The original version of this tune was by Patsy Montana – but I fell in love with the Leanne Rimes version of this song. I remember hearing the yodelling part in this song and thinking how cool it sounded. I sat in front of our computer at home for days replaying and singing along to this song until I taught myself how to yodel. It is still a song that comes on and just makes you feel good and want to tap your toes.

“Any Man of Mine” – Shania Twain

Growing up in the 90s, how could you not love Shania? She made me fall in love with raising the bar when it comes to stepping outside the box. As a female, she was (and still is) an inspiration to me when it comes to being strong, and not only knowing what you want, but making sure it happens. Shania was a “new generation” of country music that stilled tied into 90s country but had a modern twist that gave us, as listener, a fresh, exciting new sound.

“No Fear” – Terri Clark

Terri Clark was where I found a love for country music in live music form. I was about 8 years old and my parents took me to Brandon, Manitoba to see her live, she was my very first concert. I remember about part way through the show, her band left the stage and she played a few songs alone, acoustically. No Fear was one of the songs she played and I still remember the feeling it gave me to hear her voice so raw with hardly and instruments to hide behind, it made us as an audience focus on her voice and the lyrics to the songs she played making me an instant fan of hers and the genre.

“Yellow Roses” – Dolly Parton

This was my grandmas favourite song. I was 7 years old when we lost her to cancer and I can remember listening to this song over and over. I could relate to the lyrics in this song so well after she passed away and it made me feel better to be able to love something that she did so much. To hear a song and be able to instantly think of something so special to you is something that country music is known for and I love it.

“Three Wooden Crosses” – Randy Travis

Hearing this song when I was really young, I didn’t fully understand the message of it. It was a few years later when I understood the story and felt the power behind the lyrics. To me, country music is all about telling a story. This song has such a strong message behind it that it makes you stop and think. I feel that is something truly amazing about country music – the ability to hear a story in a song and have a connection with the lyrics that makes you feel so deeply.

“Callin’ Baton Rouge” – Garth Brooks

Hearing this song for the first time was what made me fall in love with the fiddle in country songs. Being a country girl, this song makes you want to instantly get up and two-step when it comes on. To me, I think that’s another huge part of country music, having a song come on that just makes you feel good!

“When Will I Be Loved” – Linda Ronstadt

I first came to hear this song in one of my favourite movies “8 Seconds”. I had this song stuck in my head after the movie was over so I went and listened to it again, this is a song that made me love big harmonies in country songs, especially with a female voice at the lead. If done right, big harmony parts, like at the beginning of this song, instantly give me chills.


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