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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Cassandra Maze’s New Video for “I Don’t Need Your Love”

By: Staff –

Cassandra Maze

Rising singer-songwriter Cassandra Maze is back with a new video for her brand new single “I Don’t Need Your Love”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

On the new single, Maze said, “”Rejection–we’ve all faced it, and it’s rough. It’s not a nice feeling. It can be tempting to follow rejection into an even darker place, but you cannot let it bring you down. At a time when I felt like the world kept saying “no”, I wrote I Don’t Need Your Love to remind myself and my listeners, that you can rise up in the wake of rejection. You don’t need the green light of approval from anyone. You are enough, you are worthy of your own self-love, and all you need to has been with you the whole time.”

Maze has a penchant for the beautiful and an eye for the strange. Forget the main drag – Maze prefers the roads less traveled and beauty found in unconventional places. “There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportions,” wrote Edgar Allan Poe. Maze couldn’t agree more.

This curiosity with strange beauty, or beautiful strangeness, is steeped into the sound of Maze’s sophomore EP, Asymmetry. Science may say we’re drawn more towards objects that are perfectly symmetrical, supposing we find them innately more beautiful – “But what I end up liking most about a person,” says Maze, “is the idiosyncratic element that sets them apart from the pack. Symmetry may be aesthetically pleasing, but it lacks that subtle human quality, and is therefore, just… boring.”

Behind the mic, Maze is anything but a boring performer. She is a fierce front-woman, a stage-blazer, and a powerhouse vocalist shredding gutsy high notes in the heat of the moment. She is a songwriter with an ear to the ground, and a multi-instrumentalist, moving from keyboards to guitar to loop pedal with ease. She has signature asymmetrical qualities of her own—she prefers to perform with one shoe on and one shoe off in order to work her loop pedal.

Maze uses music as a way to filter down the messiness and the chaos that is daily life, which has typically pushed her to strive for perfectionism in her work. “What I came to learn while making this album, though, is that nothing is ever perfect. Often it’s the imperfections, the mistakes and the moments of total vulnerability that make something truly beautiful.”

Asymmetry will be available on all streaming platforms on November 2nd, 2018.


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