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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Jade The Moon’s New Song “Polaroids and Airplanes”

By: Staff –

Jade The Moon

Toronto/Vancouver-based band Jade The Moon is back with their latest single “Polaroids and Airplanes”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

On the new single, the band says, “While creating “Polaroids and Airplanes,” we collectively relived our first memorable moments. Early memories of the people closest to us captured on polaroids and VHS tapes were at the heart of the song’s inspiration. Standing underneath a flight path, watching the planes take off from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is one of Jeremy’s earliest memories with of his dad. There was this great photo that his father took of him sitting on the hood of their car, watching a plane take off overhead. He doesn’t have it anymore, unfortunately, but that image will forever be lodged is his memory. That photo is the main inspiration of the song.”

A sense of urgency is present the second the song starts. The swagger present on their previous singles pervades every sonic inch of the track. Singer Dani Le Rose’s performance is eveloped in washes of enticing reverb, beckoning the listener to get lost in the ambient soundscape. ‘Polaroids and Airplanes’ might the band’s most immediate track so far, and potentially their most idiosyncratic too. This isn’t a group concerned with trends and the new song blazes its own path. Nostalgic, emotional, and captivating, ‘Polaroids and Airplanes’ takes you to Jade The Moon’s time and space. In a world full of uncertainty, doubt and fear Jade The Moon revel in the outlet and freedom in making unapologetic music.


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