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Exclusive: Stream Poor Nameless Boy’s New Curated Playlist

By: Staff 

Poor Nameless Boy. (Photo: Christina Bourne)

As Poor Nameless Boy, singer-songwriter Joel Henderson leaves a piece of himself on stage every time he performs. His mellow sound is personal, touching honestly on love, life, and our changing hearts in a busy world. He has been described as lighter versions of Noah Gunderson and Donovan Woods, with the wispy sounds of Gregory Alan Isakov. His third album, Bravery, has touched the hearts and ears of industry and music lovers alike.

And with his new EP, Build Up Hope, set for an early 2019 release, which features collaborations with Jadea Kelly, Murray Pulver, and more, Poor Nameless Boy curated an exclusive Spotify playlist that you can stream below! 

William Prince – Earthly Days

I met William a few times briefly but it wasn’t until London, England where I feel I got the best of him. He had 40 minutes to wow the audience and most artists would pack as many songs in as possible. He was having trouble hearing out of one ear that night and decided to go a different way by telling one of the most heartfelt stories I’ve ever heard from a stage and “wasting” 10 minutes doing so. His words have never sounded more honest.

Blonde Diamond – Wildest Ride

I snuck away in Sydney, Australia with a few other Canadians during Australia Music Week in 2016 to see them for the first time while they performed under another band name. The mood of the night matched with the awkward neon lights on the club walls made me appreciate this BC rising talent.  

Declan O’Donovan – Reckless 

I was booked for my first tour in Germany/Switzerland/Denmark and the booking agent called me saying, “I just got you five more shows. Is that cool?” Partnered with USS from Ontario and Declan from Whitehorse, Yukon, we dazzled the German crowds with as eclectic of a show as I can remember. This tune was always my favorite.  

Jadea Kelly – Violet 

Somewhere between 2 and 3am, I stumbled into a hotel room showcase in Kansas City. I had many people recommend to make sure I heard her play over the course of the weekend. I never forgot her sound. I’m happy to say she is singing background vocals on my new album.

Sarah MacDougall – Empire 

We were partnered together for a show during Australia Music Week in this “fun” bar in Sydney, Australia. The turnout was low but it meant I got to hear such a raw performance from Sarah. She has a new album out and I hope you enjoy.

Del Barber – Running On A Wire 

My first trip down to Kansas City for Folk Alliance International was in the spring of 2014. I had seen Del play once before at the Regina Folk Festival and was looking forward to catching another set. He missed some flights and arrived a day late, I believe. One of the most buzzed artists of the festival. Seemed like everyone wanted to hear Del play once again.

Colter Wall – Caroline 

As strange as it is now, Colter and I go way back. His first batch of released material was one of the best debuts I’d heard in a while from a Saskatchewan artist. In the spring of 2017, I stood in a long, long, long line to see him play in Brighton, England. The venue was at capacity so I had to wait outside until halfway through. Another guy in line suggested that everyone was here waiting to see the next artist to which I replied, “Nah man. They’re here for Colter.” After he finished, the place emptied. I wasn’t wrong.  

Gabrielle Papillon – When the Heart Attacks 

We met up in Leeds, England of all places. It was my first time there and I’ll never forget how awful the McDonalds nuggets were that night. She’s such a talented songwriter and it’s hard to compare anyone to her. I like that.  

July Talk – Picturing Love

“Hey bro, you gotta go see them play.” I did. I stood in the back of a packed showcase room in Hamburg, Germany to experience July Talk for the first time. I had never heard them play. I had never heard their songs on the radio. I had barely heard about them, to be honest. One of the best live shows by a Canadian group I’ve ever seen. 10/10 

Port Cities – The Out

Some of the nicest people in Canada that I’ve barely gotten to hang out with. Seems like we are ships passing in the night. I’ve performed a few times with Port Cities outside of Canada but the show in London, England stands out. They slipped off the stage in the darkened night club and sang a song acapella. I love their songwriting and their love for one another. Sometimes solo artists need to pal up and hit the road.



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