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Top Canadian DJs Currently Spinning the Decks

By: Staff –

Buck 65

Buck 65

Music is such a diverse artform in the modern day that, for arguably the first time in the last 60 years, it’s impossible to identify one dominant genre. Gone are the days when the rockers faced off against the mods only for both to be usurped a few years later by the punks.

In 2018, anything goes and that’s great news too for the DJs: Men and women who have become artists in their own right who have license to play what they want and to build up their own devoted audience. Many, including Calvin Harris and Marshmello are earning huge sums in return for their efforts and there are many performers in Canada who are looking to emulate them.

As we celebrate the art of the disc jockey, here is a list of the finest Canadian exponents to have ever graced a set of turntables.

Eric The Tutor

Originally from Montreal but now based in Toronto, Eric the Tutor has been pointed out as a rising star among Canadian DJs. It may be some time before any Canadian joins the likes of Calvin Harris and makes it onto the list of highest earners but watch out for Eric as he continues to make big strides and builds his audience.

With over 31,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, Eric the Tutor plays a strong mix with an emphasis on Hip Hop and Deep House. He derives his name from his former career as a University Teacher and you can catch him all across Toronto while he also holds a residency at the Caprice Nightclub in Vancouver.

Buck 65

If you haven’t run across Buck 65 playing one of his noted sets across Canada then chances are you will have come across the name elsewhere. Buck occasionally goes by his original name of Richard Terfry and he is also a popular radio host, having previously presented for CBC Radio Stations 2 and 3.

Buck 65 started his professional career in 1993 and is therefore one of the most established Canadian DJs on the circuit. Having previously worked under other stage names including Johnny Rockwell and Uncle Climax, Terfry is also one of the most versatile artists on this list having forged additional careers as a rapper and producer.

Cajjmere Wray

DJ and Producer Cajjmere Wray is another of the more established Canadian artists on the scene but it’s his CV that really makes him stand out from the crowd. In his career, Wray has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Mariah Carey and Mel C to name just six performers from his expanding roster.

He is one of few performers to use his birth name, although you may have seen him under the occasional guise of CCW. He’s been active since 1993 but Cajjmere Wray really burst onto the scene in 2005 with his remix of the Kobbe and Austin Leeds single Bodyshaker.


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