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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Ryan McMahon’s New Video for “Too Tired For Love”

By: Staff –

Ryan McMahon. (Photo: Ashley Marston)

Ryan McMahon. (Photo: Ashley Marston)

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Ryan McMahon is back with a brand new video for “Too Tired For Love”, which serves as the first single from his sixth full-length solo album, In Line For A Smile, which is set for release on February 1st, 2019. Want an exclusive first taste of the new album? Watch the video exclusively on Aesthetic Magazine below!

“Too Tired For Love” is a satirical upbeat number expressing the exhaustive state the world is in; trying to keep up profiles of fake happiness while the world is in a state of chaos. McMahon is not unfamiliar with the struggles that the demands of a social media presence can place on relationships. He himself has been guilty of dragging the computer and phone to the breakfast table in hopes of getting a jump on the list of posts and marketing required in a day. The video treatment for “Too Tired For Love” is a direct telling of that story.

“The internet makes us sad,” says McMahon. “The more we look at each other’s highlight reel, the more we falsely believe that our environment is not good enough, big enough or getting enough attention. But, the truth is,  if you just tune your attention to your actual environment and are present, you’ll be much more grateful for what you have in your life, and more importantly, who you have in your life.”


One thought on “Exclusive Premiere: Watch Ryan McMahon’s New Video for “Too Tired For Love”

  1. That’s awesome good job Ryan and Company

    Posted by Jamie davidson | December 30, 2018, 10:27 pm

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