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Exclusive: Stream Jane’s Party’s New Curated Playlist

By: Staff 

Jane's Party

Jane’s Party

Formed in 2008, Toronto-based pop-rock quartet, Jane‘s Party, is preparing their fourth anticipated full-length, Casual Island, slated for a February 2019 release. 2018 has seen the band steadily releasing singles from the album, each accompanied by a b-side featuring a different collaborator (Skratch Bastid, Leland Whitty [Badbadnotgood], Kirty [Fast Romantics]).

With each single, it is becoming clear that Casual Island stands to be Jane’s Party’s most mature effort to date, touching on relationships, politics, the pervasiveness of technology, the intractability of human nature, all carried by the breezy riffs and lush vocal harmonies that have become the band’s hallmark.  

To celebrate their upcoming album, we asked the guys to curate an exclusive Spotify playlist that contains an all-Canadian lineup, featuring the likes of BadBadNotGood, Fast Romantics, Kathleen Edwards, Terra Lightfoot, and more!

Brave Shores – Magic Man
Jay McCarrol is one of the most talented people I’ve ever met, whether it’s his work on the TV series “Nirvana The Band The Show”, his exquisite piano playing, or as songwriter and performer in his band Brave Shores. This tune came up as one of my most played this year, and for good reason. It checks off all our top-tier boxes of approval: a perfect mix of electronic and analog sounds, excellent vocal harmonies, and sophisticated songwriting chops coated in a palatable pop coating. What more could you want?

Ferraro – Can You Feel It
Our brothers from another mother, Ferraro dropped this gem of a tune earlier this year. Aside from Jeff and Tom lending their piano and guitar playing to the recording, this tune shines as a perfect example of a bonafide indie rock banger, with a killer vocal performance to boot. With lots of exciting things happening for these guys, we’re always stoked to see and hear what they’re up to next.

We’ve been a fan of this band for quite a while, but nothing converted us as much as when we heard this track. This sounds like a cooler version of a cut off an 80’a Chick Corea Elektric Band or Michael Brecker record. The production gives me the same feeling we first got listening to Wayne Shorter’s “Adams Apple”. Getting to work with saxophonist/guitarist Leland Whitty from the band was an awesome privilege for us, and continues to be a constant source of inspiration.

Kirty – That’s Not Me 
We have been lucky enough to collaborate with our good friend and fellow Toronto musician Kirty on a Cars cover, Drive. We really love the feeling we get listening to this song of hers.

Willa – Stay The Night 
This Toronto Pop star is featured singing backups on our upcoming album due out in February. Man can she belt it!

Zeus – That’s All
One of our favourite bands to come out of Toronto and this song brings us back to a place when we were just figuring out if we could make it in a band playing indie rock music and they was light in the distance. Even though it’s a cover it totally sums up the Zeus sound in a nutshell.

Fast Romantics – Mexico
We’ve been friends with Matt and his band for a while now and they always put out quality music. This particular tune fits well with NYC coming up as it has an “anything is possible” vibe to it.

Foxwarren – Your small town
We pretty much love everything Andy Shauf does.

Terra Lightfoot – You Get High
It’s a bit more on the mellow side…but every 4am night cap needs a soundtrack right?

Kathleen Edwards – Change The Sheets
One of the best songwriters in Canada!

The Deep Dark Woods – The Place I Left Behind
The soundtrack of every amazing movie.


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