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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Merival’s New Song “Sinner”

By: Staff –

Merival. (Photo: Jen Squires)

Merival. (Photo: Jen Squires)

Toronto-based folk singer-songwriter Merival is back with her brand new single “Sinner”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Sinner is about being caught between two places, one known and comfortable, and the other intoxicatingly new and impossible to avoid,” says Merival of the new single. “The feeling of tension that was present in every moment at the time of writing made me feel like I’d be altering the course of my life for the worse if I didn’t explore it. societal constraints and prior commitments kept me from diving in, so I curled my brain around a self-destructive desperation instead. obsessive love is a funny thing; it distorts the lens of your reality and puts everything in such a heightened state that anything could be the beginning or end of your heart, and if you take it seriously then you do indeed alter your course!”

Merival knows something about drawing inspiration from tension. Gathering from the romantic and familial, she deepens the roots of her creative process when it comes to honing her craft. After a remarkable period where she gained recognition with the critically acclaimed “Lovers” – she took some time for himself, to find her own path, her own community. It’s something that she searches for to this day, though some might say that she’s found it within the cozy folk clubs and dive bars of Toronto. It’s also the inspiration behind her new album – a self-produced opus of self-discovery and the key arresting moments of life. The collection of songs that she has brought together rely on each other for support – conceived with the intention that they are all communicating with each other in the same way that they communicate with the listener.

“I’m very curious about how and why we relate to each other as people. When the thread breaks between two people and it is unfixable or untenable – when you are simultaneously wanting it to work out, and grieving, and also recognizing that it never would have worked – there’s a poignancy there that I find fascinating,” says Merival “The songs are sad but not just for the sake of being sad or wallowing. There are questions and exploration and an expectation of philosophical growth.” Full of folk lyricism, experimental instrumentation, and more dynamics than is often accepted on an album such as this – the new music is a testament to Merival’s growth as an artist and as a composer.


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