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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Pineo & Loeb’s New Album “Elevation”

By: Staff –

Pineo & Loeb

Halifax-based electronic music duo Pineo & Loeb are back with their new album, Elevation, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below. The album is a collection of cover songs in a wide array of electronic styles, completely reimagining tracks from nearly 40 years of music with a modern sound.

Written over the course of a full year of production, Pineo & Loeb seek to breathe new life into both personal favourites and some of the most iconic songs of all time, combing the best of contemporary electronic styles with the timeless nature of these amazing songs. Putting their spin on tracks from legends like Led Zeppelin, Prince and Michael Jackson, to more modern favourites like Daft Punk, deadmau5 and Arcade Fire, the main goal being to stay true to the soul of the original while building something completely new from it. Backed by a team of incredible collaborators from across the globe including Rich Aucoin, Liinks, MC Flipside, After Funk and many more, they gender flip songs, form duets and combine vocal and musical talents to carve new fresh sounds from our shared pop culture history.

“ELEVATION was a monumental project for us that broke new ground sonically and artistically,” says the duo. “We worked with over 20 artists from across Canada and beyond to take these 12 cover songs into new territory using modern production and classic song-writing techniques. We are so excited for the release on Feb 8th and the 22+ date tour that just began in Mexico!”




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