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Exclusive Premiere: Watch The Dark Fruits’ New Video for “Hideout”

By: Staff –

The Dark Fruits. (Photo: GPB Creative)

The Dark Fruits. (Photo: GPB Creative)

Yukon-based indie band The Dark Fruits are back with a new video for “Hideout”, the second single from their upcoming debut album, Authors of Affection, which is set for release on March 1st.

The video for “Hideout” shows four kids devouring a hamburger. It’s a simple idea, but there are some really funny and adorable moments.

“It’s an homage to an old Andy Warhol performance art piece, filmed by Danish filmmaker Jorgen Leth,” says lead vocalist Jeff Wolosewich. “I was just trying to think of a really simple idea for the video yet I also wanted it convey that feeling of a secret place or a special moment in time. I remembered this idea from Leth where Warhol just sits and eats a burger, but it’s so much more than that. There are so many micromovements he makes… it becomes almost like a beautiful ballet. I thought I’d enlist my kids to try it – all with just one take each – and I was going to pick the best one. In the end, cutting them all together made it work. I love how it captures these four fleeting moments in time, from young to older and older to young. The bonus was that my kids all ate the burgers entirely, and it only took them 4 and a ½ minutes each. If you’re a parent, you know how special that is.”


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