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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Andrew Austin’s New Single “Make My Head Go”

By: Staff –

Andrew Austin

Toronto-based singer/songwriter Andrew Austin is back with his brand new single “Make My Head Go”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

With his second full-length album Starts And Fits set to arrive on Feb. 15, the album’s first single “Make My Head Go” is an infectious slice of adult pop that follows on the heels of Austin’s 2018 smash hit pop single “Everything And More” (featuring Willa) and his new seasonal anthem “Christmas Is Coming Soon”, which hit the Top 10 on Canada’s national holiday music chart.

After establishing himself as a pop-friendly troubadour with his 2013 debut While It’s Still Light OutStarts And Fits, displays Austin’s dynamic musical evolution over the past several years. The album grew out of Austin’s work as musical director on the Disney/Family Channel show Backstage, and found Austin collaborating with award-winning producer James Bunton (Donovan Woods, Vivek Shraya) who also mixed Starts And Fits for maximum earworm-inducing effect.

“Coming out of two years of [Backstage], I was suddenly faced with the challenge of writing for myself again,” Austin says. “One thing I knew was that I didn’t want to play guitar at that moment, I just wanted to go into a room with a piano or a synthesizer and make sounds that way. That became the foundation for this record, trying to step away from doing things like I’d always done them with a traditional singer/songwriter mindset.”

Austin also revelled in the ability to write from an adult perspective again, and overall Starts And Fits is the sexiest collection he’s offered thus far. Moreover, as the process unfolded and Andrew felt like he was finding a new voice, he had to keep some of his best ideas for himself while continuing to co-write with other artists like Donovan Woods, Emm Gryner, and Bobby Bazini, as evidenced by another of the album’s highlights, “Church Music.”

What it all adds up to is Austin’s emergence as one of Canada’s most dynamic singer/songwriters. While chances are that up until now you’ve heard his music in one form or another, with Starts And Fits he is ready to join the ranks of contemporary pop’s biggest names.


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