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Hollerado Announces Final Album “Retaliation Vacation”, Break-Up

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In a post to their official Facebook page last night (Feb. 18th), beloved Canadian indie rock band Hollerado announced that they would be breaking up following the release of their final album and completion of their final tour. Read the full statement below.

The album, titled Retaliation Vacation, will be released on June 7th via Royal Mountain Records, the label Hollerado launched 10 years ago when “no real label wanted to release a record that came in a zip lock bag.” Fans can watch the video for the album’s first single “One Last Time” below. 

It was 12 years ago yesterday that we played our first ever show at our friends bar in Montreal for $40 and a whole bunch of weed. Since then we’ve had the best time, all the time, and now it’s time to move on to other things. We are all still best friends in the world and will cherish every second that we got to spend playing music together. After nearly 2000 shows in too many countries to count, the thing we are most grateful for is the friends we made along the way. Still, all adventures have an end and we feel that we have reached ours.

And, we wanted to say goodbye by making one last record. It’s the first one we made entirely ourselves (produced, engineered, mixed) and it was a total blast. Exactly the way we want it to end. It’s called “Retaliation Vacation” and it comes out June 7 on @royalmountainrecords (the label we started 10 years ago when no real label wanted to release a record that came in a zip lock bag). The first single is called “One Last Time”. If you watch the video (link in comments below) it’s pretty self-explanatory what the song is about. And yeah (!) – of course we’re gonna do one last tour and it’s going to be the best time ever and we’re gonna play with all our dear friend bands and maybe even coax a few out of retirement (we’re looking at you Free Energy, Fang Island, Young Rival, Malajube, Topanga, Bob Marley). Dates to be announced soon and if you don’t see your town, don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll do our best to make it work. For now, our last show is all ages on December 13, 2019 at the Danforth Music Hall. We know it’s a ways away but you can get your tickets as of Thursday Feb 21. You can expect some further surprises and more music news to be announced soon.


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