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Exclusive Premiere: Stream J.K. Matthews’ New Single “Young”

By: Staff –

J.K. Matthews

Rising singer-songwriter J.K. Matthews has released his brand new single “Young”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Young” weaves an intricate plot with a hint of thoughtful Country lyricism and a captivating melody. You can hear the depths of emotion in Matthews’ voice from the first note. The intimacy is enveloped by shimmering guitar leads and ambient percussion. The arrangements created a unique juxtaposition of an anthemic singalong and whisper-in-your-ear confidentiality. A positively perfect introduction to an extremely promising act.

With an extensive background in Jazz, Country, and Blues, Matthews is drawn to the inner workings of the songwriting process. Writing consistently since the age of 11, Matthews looks to pay homage to the greats that came before him and aims to hone the craft in each one of his works.

“Young” is a song about nostalgia,” says Matthews. It represents that feeling you get when you turn to a friend and say “Hey! Remember when we…” followed by a story from your youth. “Young” is a conversation between two close friends, reminiscing on their paths to becoming adults. There’s a hint of bittersweetness to it, almost like looking through an old photo album. My good friend, Mike Tompa, produced this tune. Together, we worked on capturing the emotional core of “Young” through sound. We spent a few days in a small production booth at Dream House Studios and came out with a handful of songs, “Young” being one of them. Mike and I work together as friends first, then business partners. This allows our work to breathe and not feel forced.”

“Young” is the first track from Matthews’ new EP, due out this spring.



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