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Exclusive: Stream RVNNERS’ New Curated Playlist

By: Staff 


To celebrate the release of RVNNERS’ new single “Full Speed”, the up-and-coming indie pop band curated an exclusive new playlist containing songs that have inspired them.

Bahamas – So Free

Favourite song from one of the best albums of the past few years. Got to see him perform at The Danforth Music Hall, and he’s just as good live.

Cosmo Sheldrake – Come Along

Heard 10 seconds of this song and had to know where it came from. Had never heard of him before, but became an instant fan. I like to think he tours with a live orchestra.

Mother Mother – It’s Alright

Super quirky band. If you want to listen to something, but don’t know what, just put them on.

James Blake – Retrograde

His new album that just came out is amazing, but I still haven’t stopped listening to this song from like 6 years ago.

Dizzy – Pretty Thing

Amazing new(ish) Canadian band. First heard of them when we were looking for bands to play with out of town. Never got to play with them, and now they’re probably on a world tour or something.

Honors – Over

We’ve played together a long time ago back when we were both different bands. Looks like slimming down and renaming yourself is the in thing to do.

Jeremie Albino – Shipwreck

We met him when we were recording out latest set of songs with the same producer. He’s super talented and very genuine.

Olafur Arnalds – Ekki Hugsa

Is classical music making a comeback? Probably not. But if you wish it was, then here you go.


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