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Exclusive Premiere: Stream The Carbons’ New Single “Black Mirror”

By: Staff –

The Carbons

Western Canadian rock band The Carbons are back with their new single “Black Mirror”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Black Mirror is a musical exploration of the quarter or mid-life crisis phenomenons,” says the band. “More specifically it discusses the common fear amongst middle-aged men and women that “our best years may be behind us”. This is especially apparent in the extreme case of professional athletes. These athletes often dedicate their first 20-30 years of life to achieve peak performance only to decline for 40+ years after that. This can be a tough pill to swallow when the amount of dedication required to beat out the competition in the early years can often lead to a lack of identity outside of their chosen profession. A similar feeling can be true of parents that retire early with no children left in the nest. In both cases, a void can often set in if retirement has not been planned with a purpose to leave some form of legacy.”

Forged in Western Canada, The Carbons are a rock trio known for their high energy and entertaining live shows. The trio delivers huge groovy drums that possess your feet, melodies that grab you by the earlobes, and lyrics that tickle your soul. They released their debut LP August Ash in May 2018 and their unique “groove rock” sound has spread like wildfire ever since. Only eight months after the release, The Carbons returned from their cross-Canada 10,000km Tour and concluded 2018 by opening up for Pop Evil and Royal Tusk. In that time, they also wrote and recorded three new singles with Juno-Nominated producer John-Angus MacDonald (The Glorious Sons).



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