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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Pomes’ New EP “Mooncat”

By: Staff –

Mooncat EP

Up-And-Coming Toronto-based indie band Pomes will release their debut EP, Mooncat, on April 5th, but you can stream it in full exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Frontman Kieran Smyth moved to Toronto from the east coast to eventually form Pomes with members Ben Green (drums), Thomas Hainbuch (bass), and Jeremy Hucal (piano). Blending the naturalistic folk sounds of the east coast with the progressive, industrial sounds of Toronto, Pomes’ sound is an infusion of country/folk, jazz, and math-rock. These genres all blend together to create a soundscape upon which stanzas of honesty are passionately set free.

Recorded in a friend’s basement, Mooncat is a documentation of the first three songs pomes worked on as a group, and it accurately showcases the band’s versatility and ambition. From the playful, math-infused dance piece with which the EP shares its name, to the eight-minute rock epic that is “If the Skies Were the Seas”, or the pensive, yet abrasive release of tension that is “Everything is Fucked”, pomes never ceases to surprise the listener with the sounds they employ.


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