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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Darryl Rahn’s New Video for “Talk”

By: Staff –

Darryl Rahn

Up-And-Coming singer-songwriter Darryl Rahn is back with a new video for his track “Talk”, which you can watch below exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine.

“I knew right away this song was going to lend itself to a video, but we wanted to create something that would be just as engaging without the music,” says Rahn. “My favorite videos have always been the ones that either completely contradict the song they’re paired with, or at least stray from what’s expected. Jordan and I have worked together for years now, but this time I feel like we were really able to blend each other’s humor and vision. It also reminded me how much I love and miss acting.”

Born and raised in Utica, NY, Rahn is well aware of what it’s like to be the underdog. Born into a family of bakers, he quickly learned the value of a strong work ethic. Since 2013, he has independently released three LP’s and two EP’s, and with his distinct voice and narrative lyricism he has earned spots on the same stage as Guster, Moe, Wild Child, and many more.

Rahn began playing guitar at age 10 after hearing Led Zeppelin’s “The Ocean” playing in the garage while his dad fixed up an old VW Beetle. Though originally focused on rock technique and improvisation, his focus quickly shifted to songwriting as he discovered artists like Ben Kweller, Guster, and Ray Lamontagne. By age 15, he would play regular sets of original music at a local coffeehouse to a rapidly expanding local fanbase.



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