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Exclusive Premiere: Watch The Holy Gasp’s New Video for “A Daily Affirmation”

By: Staff –

The Holy Gasp. (Photo: Karol Orzechowski)

The Holy Gasp. (Photo: Karol Orzechowski)

Toronto-based avant-garde artist, The Holy Gasp, is back with a new video for “A Daily Affirmation”. The clip, which was filmed at his live release event for his concept album, The Love Songs of Opedius Rex, in October 2018 features a 27-person orchestra accompanied with original choreography.

Written by the powerfully enigmatic Benjamin Hackman, The Love Songs of Oedipus Rex is a concept record written for 27 musicians and vocalists. It tells thebombastic, masochistic story of a troubled marriage further burdened by the death of the husband’s father, and further burdened still by the death of his therapist. It is best filed amongst the music of James Bond, Beat era jazz, and the freaky shenanigans of folks like Tom Waits and Frank Zappa.

“The song is simply another daily affirmation,” says Hackman. “It stands to reason that our follow-up record will have yet another daily affirmation. The confusion around which song title belongs to which song is deliberate, to suggest that one must affirm their life daily.”


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