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Exclusive Premiere: Watch John Juan’s New Video for “Good Dog”

By: Staff –

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter John Juan is back with a new video for his track “Good Dog”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“YouTube personality Jordan, from Daze with Jordan the Lion, took me to find the old abandoned LA Zoo in Griffith Park,” says Juan. “The animal cage we found out in the woods, was perfect for “Good Dog”; fabulous symbolism for the psychologically caged Good Dog, who is ready to break free and catch a rabbit!  As soon as I got into the animal cage, I became absorbed with the character and had a blast goofing off– we ran through the song a few times, I worked up a sweat (like a dog) and we were done.  I love how the video is not over complicated and is dominated by a simple aesthetic and mood.”

John Juan was born John Lawrence Mattson in Hong Kong, lived in Japan and Baltimore as a child, finally settling in San Diego, CA. He is a multi-instrumentalist with a BA in English Literature from UCLA. Having modest success as an HVAC contractor, he still feels as if pushing against the world. He decides to redirect and become a more active instrument of whats around him. Somehow he finds John Juan in the tide and begins to drift with him. Or does John Juan find John him? Pounding acoustics support narrative driven songs. Dobro, ukulele, trumpet, piano and banjolele, help blend a genre mixing sound. Triggered by lack of sleep, the narrator finds John Juan. Old instruments found along the way channel a brief recollection of a vast eternity.


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