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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Fake Fake’s New Video for “Goodnightmare”

By: Staff –

Infatuated with an array of international and intergenerational R&B, soul, funk, and electronic artists, Leith Hynds and Justin Campbell are fashioning their own genre-bending niche with Fake Fake, and they’ve just released a brand new video for their track “Goodnightmare”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“If you have ever paused and thought to yourself – “Oh god, this is such a nightmare and I love it” – then let “GOODNIGHTMARE” be your soundtrack,” says Fake Fake. “Our debut effort as R&B duo Fake Fake, “GOODNIGHTMARE” is an ode to the friendships and romances where we deeply rely on someone else: how that dependency is a freeing and paralyzing place to find yourself in. The sounds and sentiments of “GOODNIGHTMARE” are equal parts uplifting and introspective, with a push and pull that we found ourselves reflected in.

The retro-inspired track and video titled “Goodnightmare” that is equal parts uplifting and introspective. A track of mid-fi grooves and confident melodies that will have you humming along with the hypnotizing pulse.

The retro audio and video equipment in the visualizer for “Goodnightmare” includes a 1970’s ektagraphic slide projector T.V with built-in cassette deck, which was widely used to show off family vacations slides with added music. The old tech creates a unique accompaniment to a new, idiosyncratic voice in the music world.


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