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Exclusive Premiere: Stream The Black Fever’s New Single “No Work”

By: Staff –

Toronto-based indie trio The Black Fever are back with their new single, “No Work”.

The track, which is off their forthcoming EP, Unarticulated Wants (out June 14th), is an echoing, melodic post-punk inspired song that will sure brings an extra level of attention to the texture and ambience of the recording. The lushness is juxtaposed with a layer raw playing that keeps this out of “studio band” purgatory. There’s a confidence in the decision making that elevates the production from their contemporaries. ‘No Work’ acts as a signature song from a band on the rise.

The melody is the key here, as there are more shimmering layers than you’d find on a Wire or Gang of Four record. Incessant, clockwork drumming is able to harness the complex bass lines, keeping the rhythm section locked and ready to amplify everything that’s happening with the melody. The guitar is able to expand the overall range of the track, with memorable leads and jangly chords. All the while the heavenly vocals float on top, thoughtful in their artful approach.

“Freedom without money is of no use,” says the band. “Remember when there were a ton of pop songs titled “Work” that played on the radio constantly? Rihanna had one, and Fifth Harmony had “Work From Home.” Given the plight that many people are facing in the modern economy, the title “No Work” just came to us, and the lyrics flowed from there.  It seemed appropriate to talk about given how tough it is – particularly for younger people or newer graduates from university or college – to find and keep a good job. The track was produced by Ian Gomes at Union Sound Company and mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel Mastering, along with five other songs that reflect our modern world – political instability, economic disparity, and the everyday dramas of love and life.”


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