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Album Review: Jenn Grant – “Love, Inevitable”

By: Kirstin Bews



Acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter Jenn Grant is back with her new album, Love, Inevitable (out May 31st). Hailing from Halifax, Grant wrote the songs from her home city, before flying out to Portland to record with Tucker Martine. This marks a change in her production pattern, as her last four albums were produced with her husband Daniel Ledwell. However Love, Inevitable remains a family affair as Grant entered into motherhood while creating the album. 

Love, Inevitable isn’t an album about motherhood though, but as Grant expresses herself, it is impossible to detach that experience from this album, even though motherhood is never specifically addressed. There’s a DIY feel to parts of this record, where songs are cut together with snippets of Grant’s voice in the studio – echos of “how should I count it in?”, and “I like that” create a personal and familiar feel to the album. This experimental vibe is carried over into the songwriting and musical composition as Grant played around with different tunings on her acoustic guitar and banjo, while replying ion her trusty Roland keyboard to create the otherworldly soundscape on Love, Inevitable.  

The first track, “Raven”, pulls us in with a soft fizzle that erupts into a cascade of guitar, piano, and drums. Grant repeats “can you feel it?”, and we can all feel it in “Raven”. The song pulls us in different directions ending with a swirl of vocals talking over one and other, creating a confusing, yet beautiful sound, which is fitting given the track is about stepping into the unknown and learning how to trust yourself. Every track on this record carries a wholesome message with a relaxing, yet upbeat, tone. By far the most fun, “Sweet Grass” starts with the long drawn out vocals that we are used to from Grant, although a faded out pause and a quick “How should I count it in? – 1, 2, 3,4”, at the one minute mark, kick-starts a full-bodied beat with Grant’s voice calling out “you promised me, dreams you made” in a passionately gentle tirade. The final track, “Lay Me Down” is happy as guitar strings are plucked behind Grants soft voice. The song carries on this way for two minutes before we hear Grants voice whisper in a sigh “I like that one” before a weird 1950’s futuristic, electronic style radio broadcast for Love, Inevitable starts calling out “Ladies and gentlemen that is hot shit” before promoting an event for the album taking place “on the pier” with pony rides and jello shots. Real or fake, we can only wish to attend.

What we can attend though is her show at the Danforth Music Hall on June 1st. I can’t tell you if there will be pony rides, but there will definitely be great, soulful music from Love, Inevitable.  


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