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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Kalon Hart’s New Song “I Think You Know”

By: Staff –

Rising singer-songwriter Kalon Hart is back with his new song “I Think You Know”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“I Think You Know” is a song about giving yourself permission to let go of old emotional wounds,” says Hart. “I used to spend a lot of time thinking and worrying about how negative events affected me, but writing this song helped me realize that I didn’t need to base my identity around my past, and that I was free to choose a new way of living based on love and connection to the heart.”

Kalon Hart is the alter ego of Rob Teehan, known now as a Los Angeles-based composer for film and television, and previously as a tuba player in his hometown in Toronto, where he escaped classical indoctrination to play with Lemon Bucket Orkestra, The Boxcar Boys, the Heavyweights Brass Band, and pretty much any other band that was musically adventurous enough to try out a tuba playing the bass line.  Since arriving in Los Angeles in 2014, he has been apprentice to TV composer Sean Callery, a position which has given him the opportunity to work on many TV shows as well as to master the art of studio feng shui (it’s all about the cables).

Hart’s gentle acoustic songs connect to the spirit, but are rooted in the earth, and forged in the crucible of human experience.  Using his creativity as a personal healing tool, he practices “emotional judo”, redirecting traumatic memories into parables of healing to shine a light for those walking a similar path.

Hart’s debut album, Love Is Surrender, which will be released in summer 2019, is a wide-ranging, seven-song meditation on the nature of love and emotions, in a style he likes to call “gentle Indie Americana”, with shades of influence from Bon Iver, Gregory Alan Isakov, Trevor Hall, and S Carey.


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