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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Solaya Love’s New Single “Paradise”

By: Staff –

Rising singer-songwriter Solaya Love launches her newest single today “Paradise”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below. The track is infectious from start to finish, as Love entices with a sound both vibrant and bold.

“The inspiration for the song “Paradise” stems from a gift that my mother had given me for Christmas three days before leaving my Alberta winter wonderland to go to Guatemala for a music festival and enjoy tropical sunshine,” said Love. “She gifted me a sky blue bag with bananas on it that said “Searching for Paradise” in white letters. I put it on my bedroom floor with no further thought. When I was listening to my producer’s latest track, I started writing lyrics upon first listen. Much in the flow, not really thinking about what I was writing, I looked at the bag on the floor and just thought “YES! What a great hook line”! I found much deeper meaning in it later while realizing that nothing is by chance.”

Solaya Love is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and musician who, with her vocal based electronic dance music, welcomes the listeners on a playfully melodic journey through rhythmic bass lines and lyrical depth. One of her first childhood memories was dancing, singing, feeling free with no music playing in the background when suddenly, the calling to learn to read and play music became clear. Somehow, the violin was what came through as a desire. She then voiced her desire to be enrolled in violin lessons. With highly supportive parents and growing aspirations, she then continued to expand her instrumental knowledge through the pursuit of guitar, and continuing to sing. By the age of 12, she had a taste of what it meant to play in a real band and developed her stage presence. She performed as lead vocalist, rhythm/lead guitarist in a psychedelic rock band since age of 16.


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