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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Tobey Kai’s New Single “Running”

By: Staff –

Canadian singer-songwriter Tobey Kai is back with her latest single “Running”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below. The powerful tune was written in honour of Kai’s close friend who was diagnosed with cancer earlier in the year. 

“”Running” is dedicated to all the strong warriors fighting for their lives,” says Kai. “The song itself was inspired by a close friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. She was a marathon runner and fierce advocate for cancer patients and families prior to her own diagnosis. I tried to capture her fighting spirit in this song. Despite the hurdles and hardships hurled at her, she kept running. Within a month of her double mastectomy, she was already hitting the pavement. She’ll be solo-running an untra-halften marathon this year, a whopping 101 kilometres. I will sending her off with this song at the starting line and waiting for her at the end. As a traumatic brain-injury survivor, I can appreciate the struggle in the battle to regain control over your life, and it does feel like a marathon – a test of endurance and sheer willpower. I hope my song can be a personal shout out to all these ladies and a reminder that they are not alone.”

Kai is a classically trained Canadian singer-songwriter. She studied piano and voice from a tender young age in British Columbia and later in Calgary, Alberta. Driven by her compassion for worldly issues, she writes with strong emotion. “I want to use my voice to unite and bring people together, to make people care just a little bit more, not just for the world but for each other. Music is a part of me, I think in music, dream in music, and feel in music. Music is my way of communicating my deepest fears, my ultimate happiness, and my darkest sorrows, when words simply aren’t enough.” Kai is also a  =traumatic brain injury survivor who credits music for her tremendous recovery. Among other things, Kai holds a degree in Biology as well as a degree in Economics from the University of Calgary.


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